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Walter Bedecker
Walter Bedeker
Location:New York City?
Date of Origin:20th Century
Legal Status:Deceased/Damned
Marital Status:Widowed
Relations:Ethel Bedecker (wife)
Created By:Rod Serling
Portrayed By:David Wayne
Appearances:Escape Clause
"Who are you?"

Walter Bedecker was a human from Earth that made a deal with the Devil to become immortal.

Biographical information

The Pact

Walter Bedecker was a hypochondriac who cared more about the illnesses that he was possibly in danger of contracting than the people in his life, even his loving wife, Ethel. This medical preoccupation, combined with a misanthropic perspective, had led him to become a reclusive bedridden man. He had no close friends, save his doctor, for whom he felt great contempt as a result of the physician's frequent assurances that Walter was not truly ill. Bedecker lived in fear of dying at any moment. So when the Devil appeared in the husky form of Cadwallader, offering the middle-aged man the gift of immortality in exchange for his soul, he was eager to accept. Walter knew, however, that the Devil's reuptation for honesty did not reflect well on the terms of the deal and so he insisted on an escape clause: if he should ever tire of his immortality, he may call upon the Devil to revoke it.

Walter the Immortal

The deal made, he went about living without fear for the first time in his life. His quest for new thrills eventually became an experimentation in cheating death through a series of suicidal acts. He drunk poison, he jumped in front of subway trains, he stepped in front of moving vehicles and survived in perfect health.

Ethel's Death

This trend continued for some time, until ultimately leading to a plan to leap off his apartment building's roof. Ethel, however, was unaware of her husband's new condition so when she found him teetering on the ledge, she interrupted to try to save his life. She succeeded – he didn't end up jumping, but in the tussle she herself ended up falling over the edge. Instead of being overcome by remorse or grief, Mr. Bedecker merely saw this as another opportunity to experience a thrill, this time the unique thrill of the electric chair.

The Murder Trial

Put on trial for the murder of his wife, Walter felt certain he was on his way to death row until his skillful lawyer convinced the court to show mercy, resulting in a life sentence rather than an execution order. Faced with the prospect of spending eternity locked up in a cell with no chance for parole, he quickly invoked his escape clause, calling upon the Devil to end his life.


Walter Bedecker died in his jail cell, age 44, from a heart attack.

Powers and Abilities

None, save temporary immortality and a sociopathic disposition.

Background Information

Walter Bedecker was played by David Wayne.