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The Twilight Zone (1962)
Thetwilightzone goldkey logo
Publisher:Gold Key Comics
Volume:Volume 1
Years Published:1962-1979
Issues Published:91
Previous Series:The Twilight Zone (1961)
Next Series:The Twilight Zone (1982)

The Gold Key imprint of Western Publishing began to publish the Twilight Zone series in 1962, continuing the title started by Dell.

Series information

After Western Publishing decided to split from Dell Comics in 1962 and form their own comics line, they acquired a number of titles to be released under the Gold Key imprint. [1] The Gold Key version of The Twilight Zone was started in November, 1962. Although it was a continuation of the previous Dell title, the numbering did not continue and so the issue was listed as "No. 1" in the indicia—although the Dell-style numbering system was still used on the cover (i.e. 10016-211).[2]

Under Gold Key Comics, the series was printed for 91 issues[3] before coming to a close in 1979. During the 1970's, Western Publishing was forced to down-size it's publication range and scope[4], as were many comics companies such as DC Comics—which went through what has come to be called the DC Implosion.[5] The downturn had reduced much of the company's original output but the Gold Key imprint was able to continue printing licensed properties such as The Twilight Zone until 1981, although often with limited output or reprinting previously published stories.[6]


With the Gold Key imprint being discontinued, Western relied mostly on their Whitman publishing imprint, which produced other hobby related material and coloring books and distributed comics for other companies.[6] In 1982, an attempt at reviving The Twilight Zone series was made under the Whitman logo, even continuing the numbering from the Gold Key imprint. The issue, #92, was published in May 1982 but instead of printing new stories, it reprinted stories from the first issue of the Golden Key series.[7] And so, in an ironic ending perhaps fitting of The Twilight Zone, the comic series concluded with the same stories it had begun.

Notable talent

In its 16 years of publication, a number of notable comics talents worked on the series[3], including:

  • Len Wein, co-creator of the characters Swamp Thing, Nightcrawler, Storm and Wolverine[8]
  • Alex Toth, creator of Space Ghost, Herculoids, and Birdman [9]
  • George Roussos, Jack Kirby's inker on early issues of Fantastic Four and The Avengers #4, which reintroduced Captain America[11]
  • Jack Abel, who inked the introduction of the Wolverine character[13],
  • Leo Dorfman, who also wrote similar stories for DC Comics' Ghosts[6],
  • Joe Certa, who designed the Martian Manhunter for DC Comics[14]
  • Frank Miller, of Batman: The Dark Knight, 300, and Sin City fame, worked for the title as his first professional job in the comics industry.[15]

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