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The is an overview of the fourth season of the original The Twilight Zone TV series which ran in 1963, airing 18 episodes.

Note: This season of The Twilight Zone was used as a mid-season replacement for the show that had replaced it on the 1962 fall schedule. To fill the timeslot, episodes were lengthened to one hour and moved to Thursday nights.

Notable guest-stars

Notable guest-stars from the season included: Bill Bixby, Dennis Hopper, Ann Jillian, Jack Klugman, Anne Francis, Robert Duvall, Burgess Meredith, Julie Newmar, Burt Reynolds, and Pat Hingle.

Notable episodes

  • "The Bard" featured Burt Reynolds in a role that was a parody of Marlon Brando's use of method-acting.

Memorable quotes

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Episode list

  1. "In His Image"
  2. "The Thirty-Fathom Grave"
  3. "Valley of the Shadow"
  4. "He's Alive"
  5. "Mute"
  6. "Death Ship"
  7. "Jess-Belle"
  8. "Miniature"
  9. "Printer's Devil"
  10. "No Time Like the Past"
  11. "The Parallel"
  12. "I Dream of Genie"
  13. "The New Exhibit"
  14. "Of Late I Think of Cliffordville"
  15. "The Incredible World of Horace Ford"
  16. "On Thursday We Leave for Home"
  17. "Passage on the Lady Anne"
  18. "The Bard"

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