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This is a list of all the episodes from the original Twilight Zone series.

Season 1

Episode # and segment Title Director Writer(s) Original AirDate Production Code
1 Where Is Everybody? Robert Stevens Rod Serling October 2, 1959 173-3601
A man with no memory of who he is finds himself in a strange empty town.
2 One for the Angels Robert Parrish Rod Serling October 9, 1959 173-3608
A pitchman talks Death (Murray Hamilton) into sparing his life until he makes one last great pitch, but threatens the life of a little girl in the process.
3 Mr. Denton on Doomsday Allen Reisner Rod Serling October 16, 1959 173-3609
A town drunk faces an infamous killer after magically regaining his gunfighting skills.
4 The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine Mitchell Leisen Rod Serling October 23, 1959 173-3610
An aging movie star rewatches her old films in an attempt to recapture her youth.
5 Walking Distance Robert Stevens Rod Serling October 30, 1959 173-3605
An ad executive under pressure at his job visits his old hometown, only to find himself returned to his childhood.
6 Escape Clause Mitchell Leisen Rod Serling November 6, 1959 173-3603
A mean-spirited hypochondriac afraid of dying sells his soul to a form of the Devil for immortality.
7 The Lonely Jack Smight Rod Serling November 13, 1959 173-3602
In the year 2046, a convicted man serving his sentence on an uninhabited asteroid is given a female robot for companionship.
8 Time Enough at Last John Brahm Rod Serling November 20, 1959 173-3614
A bank teller yearning for more time to read gets his wish when he becomes the sole survivor of a nuclear holocaust.
9 Perchance to Dream Robert Florey Charles Beaumont November 27, 1959 173-3616
A man with a severe heart condition who has been awake for a long time tells his psychiatrist that he will die if he goes to sleep, because a vixen is trying to kill him.
10 Judgment Night John Brahm Rod Serling December 4, 1959 173-3604
In 1942, a man from Germany does not remember how he boarded a British ship heading for New York, but he does have a feeling the ship will be sunk.
11 And When the Sky Was Opened Douglas Heyes Rod Serling December 11, 1959 173-3611
Three astronauts return from the desert where their spacecraft crashed, but cannot remember what happened during their flight.
12 What You Need Alvin Ganzer Rod Serling December 25, 1959 173-3622
A thug tries to exploit the abilities of a peddler who can see into the future and discern just what a person will need in an emergency.
13 The Four of Us Are Dying John Brahm Rod Serling January 1, 1960 173-3618
A small-time con-man with the ability to change his face assumes the identities of a musician, a gangster, and a boxer.
14 Third from the Sun Richard L. Bare Rod Serling January 8, 1960 173-3615
With an atomic war on the horizon, a scientist and his co-worker plot to board their families on a spaceship and escape to another planet.
15 I Shot an Arrow Into the Air Stuart Rosenberg Rod Serling January 15, 1960 173-3626
Astronauts are deserted on what appears to be an uncharted asteroid.
16 The Hitch-Hiker Alvin Ganzer Rod Serling January 22, 1960 173-3612
A woman driving cross-country keeps seeing a hitchhiker everywhere she goes.
17 The Fever Robert Florey Rod Serling January 29, 1960 173-3627
A man whose wife won them tickets to Las Vegas gets addicted to gambling, courtesy of a slot machine that calls his name.
18 The Last Flight William F. Claxton Richard Matheson February 5, 1960 173-3607
A British World War I fighter pilot flies through a strange cloud and lands his biplane on a modern-day American airbase.
19 The Purple Testament Richard L. Bare Rod Serling February 12, 1960 173-3619
An Army lieutenant serving in World War II has the ability to see who will die.
20 Elegy Douglas Heyes Charles Beaumont February 19, 1960 173-3625
Astronauts land on an asteroid resembling Earth, but its inhabitants appear motionless.
21 Mirror Image John Brahm Rod Serling February 26, 1960 173-3623
A woman in a bus depot is treated by strangers as if they have seen her before and soon realizes that she has a doppelgänger.
22 The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street Ronald Winston Rod Serling March 4, 1960 173-3620
A power failure causes the residents of a suburban neighborhood to suspect one another of being monsters from outer space planning an invasion.
23 A World of Difference Ted Post Richard Matheson March 11, 1960 173-3624
A businessman finds himself in another life as an actor playing a character in a movie.
24 Long Live Walter Jameson Anton Leader Charles Beaumont March 18, 1960 173-3621
A history professor is revealed to have lived for thousands of years.
25 People Are Alike All Over Mitchell Leisen Rod Serling March 25, 1960 173-3613
Two astronauts take an expedition to Mars, where one dies in a crash landing and the other learns how alike people really are.
26 Execution David Orrick McDearmon Rod Serling April 1, 1960 173-3628
An outlaw cowboy about to be hanged for murder in 1880 is brought to the 20th century by a time machine built by a professor.
27 The Big Tall Wish Ronald Winston Rod Serling April 8, 1960 173-3630
A boy (Stephen Perry) makes a wish for a boxer to win a comeback match.
28 A Nice Place to Visit John Brahm Charles Beaumont April 15, 1960 173-3632
A thief is shot by police and winds up in a place where he has everything he has ever wanted upon meeting a strange man named Pip .
29 Nightmare as a Child Alvin Ganzer Rod Serling April 29, 1960 173-3635
A strange little girl (Terry Burnham) reveals secrets about the past of a school teacher
30 A Stop at Willoughby Robert Parrish Rod Serling May 6, 1960 173-3629
A stressed-out ad executive (James Daly) discovers a quiet 1880s town in his dreams that seem better than his waking life.
31 The Chaser Douglas Heyes Robert Presnell, Jr. 13 May 1960 173-3636
A lovestruck man in love with a self-obsessed woman named Leilabuys a love potion that works too well.
32 A Passage for Trumpet Don Medford Rod Serling May 20, 1960 173-3633
A down-and-out trumpet player gets another chance at life after attempting suicide.
33 Mr. Bevis William Asher Rod Serling June 3, 1960 173-3631
A guardian angel offers to help a good-natured man who is having a bad day.
34 The After Hours Douglas Heyes Rod Serling June 10, 1960 173-3637
A woman is told that the floor of a department store where she made a purchase does not exist.
35 The Mighty Casey Alvin Ganzer
Robert Parrish
Rod Serling June 17, 1960 173-3617
A baseball manager takes his team to the championships thanks to a robot pitcher.
36 A World of His Own Ralph Nelson Richard Matheson July 1, 1960 173-3634
A playwright has the ability to bring anything to life by describing it to a tape recorder.

Season 2

Episode # and segment Title Director Writer(s) Original AirDate Production Code
37 King Nine Will Not Return Buzz Kulik Rod Serling September 30, 1960 173-3639
The sole survivor of a World War II bomber crash cannot find any trace of his crew, but he does see jet planes flying overhead.
38 The Man in the Bottle Don Medford Rod Serling October 7, 1960 173-3638
A genie grants four wishes to an unsuccessful pawnbroker and his wife.
39 Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room Douglas Heyes Rod Serling October 14, 1960 173-3641
A nervous gangster faces himself when his boss (William D. Gordon) gives him his latest assignment.
40 A Thing About Machines David Orrick McDearmon Rod Serling October 28, 1960 173-3645
A writer believes machines are conspiring against him.
41 The Howling Man Douglas Heyes Charles Beaumont November 4, 1960 173-3642
A man lost in a storm finds a monastery where the monks claim a howling prisoneris the Devil himself.
42 Eye of the Beholder Douglas Heyes Rod Serling November 11, 1960 173-3640
A woman wrapped in bandages after facial surgery hopes that she will no longer be ugly.
43 Nick of Time Richard L. Bare Richard Matheson November 18, 1960 173-3643
A superstitious newlywed becomes convinced, in spite of the protests of his bride, that a Fortune-telling machine's predictions are quite accurate.
44 The Lateness of the Hour Jack Smight Rod Serling December 2, 1960 173-3662
A woman disapproves of the robot servants of her father.
45 The Trouble With Templeton Buzz Kulik E. Jack Neuman December 9, 1960 173-3649
A Broadway actor yearning for the days when his wife was alive gets his wish.
46 A Most Unusual Camera John Rich Rod Serling December 16, 1960 173-3606
A thieving couple discover that a camera that they have stolen takes pictures of the future.
47 The Night of the Meek Jack Smight Rod Serling December 23, 1960 173-3665
A drunken department store Santa Claus is fired by his boss on Christmas Eve and then finds a sack that gives people anything they want.
48 Dust Douglas Heyes Rod Serling January 6, 1961 173-3653
In the Old West, the desperate father of a condemned man buys "magic dust" from a peddler to save his son.
49 Back There David Orrick McDearmon Rod Serling January 13, 1961 173-3648
A professor travels through time to the date of Abraham Lincoln's assassination and tries to change history.
50 The Whole Truth James Sheldon Rod Serling January 20, 1961 173-3664
A used-car dealer is forced to tell the truth after buying a car from an old man who says it is haunted.
51 The Invaders Douglas Heyes Richard Matheson January 27, 1961 173-3646
A woman living alone in a rural house is stalked by tiny beings from another planet.
52 A Penny for Your Thoughts James Sheldon George Clayton Johnson February 3, 1961 173-3650
When a coin lands on its edge, a bank clerk gains the ability to hear other people's thoughts – and soon learns that you cannot always believe what you hear.
53 Twenty-Two Jack Smight Rod Serling February 10, 1961 173-3666
A dancer hospitalized for exhaustion has a recurring nightmare in which she is led to Room Twenty-Two, the morgue, by a sinister nurse.
54 The Odyssey of Flight 33 Jus Addiss Rod Serling February 24, 1961 173-3651
A strange increase in speed causes a jet airliner to travel back in time.
55 Mr. Dingle, the Strong John Brahm Rod Serling March 3, 1961 173-3644
A meek vacuum cleaner salesman is given incredible strength by a two-headed Martian as part of an experiment.
56 Static Buzz Kulik Charles Beaumont March 10, 1961 173-3663
A radio allows an old man to listen to programs from his past.
57 The Prime Mover Richard L. Bare Charles Beaumont March 24, 1961 173-3647
A gambler uses the telekinetic powers of his friend to win big in Las Vegas.
58 Long Distance Call James Sheldon Charles Beaumont and William Idelson March 31, 1961 173-3667
A boy talks with his dead grandmother on the toy telephone she gave him before she died.
59 A Hundred Yards Over the Rim Buzz Kulik Rod Serling April 7, 1961 173-3654
In the year 1847, a pioneer traveling west with his family and friends scouts ahead for food and water and finds himself in the mid-20th century.
60 The Rip Van Winkle Caper Jus Addiss Rod Serling April 21, 1961 173-3655
A gang of gold thieves use suspended animation chambers, set to revive them in a hundred years, to evade the authorities.
61 The Silence Boris Sagal Rod Serling April 28, 1961 173-3658
An aristocratic club member bets that a talkative acquaintance cannot stay silent for an entire year.
62 Shadow Play John Brahm Charles Beaumont May 5, 1961 173-3657
A man convicted of murder and awaiting execution insists that everything happening is just a dream.
63 The Mind and the Matter Buzz Kulik Rod Serling May 12, 1961 173-3659
A man uses the power of concentration to remake the world in his image.
64 Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up? Montgomery Pittman Rod Serling May 26, 1961 173-3660
State troopers investigating a UFO sighting track footprints to a diner, where they try to determine which one of seven bus passengers is really a Martian.
65 The Obsolete Man Elliot Silverstein Rod Serling June 2, 1961 173-3661
In a future totalitarian society, a librarian is declared obsolete and makes rather unusual requests to the Chancellor as to the manner of his execution.

Season 3

Episode # and segment Title Director Writer(s) Original AirDate Production Code
66 Two Montgomery Pittman Montgomery Pittman September 15, 1961 4802
Two soldiers, a man and a woman, are the only survivors of a war – and they are from opposing sides.
67 The Arrival Boris Sagal Rod Serling September 22, 1961 4814
An FAA inspector and members of the airport staff investigate a plane that arrives without a single person onboard – and each sees it differently.
68 The Shelter Lamont Johnson Rod Serling September 29, 1961 4803
An alert is issued for an imminent nuclear attack, prompting neighbors to unite against the physician whose bomb shelter has room enough only for his family.
69 The Passersby Elliot Silverstein Rod Serling October 6, 1961 4817
At the end of the Civil War, wounded soldiers pass by the house of a woman.
70 A Game of Pool Buzz Kulik George Clayton Johnson October 13, 1961 4815
A legendary pool player returns from the dead to meet the challenge of a pool shark with the shark's life at stake.
71 The Mirror Don Medford Rod Serling October 20, 1961 4819
In Central America, a mirror allows a dictator to see the faces of his enemies.
72 The Grave Montgomery Pittman Montgomery Pittman October 27, 1961 3656
A hired killer is challenged to visit the grave of the outlaw who died swearing vengeance against him.
73 It's a Good Life James Sheldon Rod Serling November 3, 1961 4801
A six-year-old boy terrorizes the residents of Peaksville, Ohio, with special powers that control reality.
74 Death's Head Revisited Don Medford Rod Serling November 10, 1961 4804
A former SS Captain visits the now-deserted concentration camp he commanded where he is tried for his crimes by the ghosts of his prisoners.
75 The Midnight Sun Anton Leader Rod Serling November 17, 1961 4818
A landlady and her tenant struggle to survive when the Earth changes its orbit and begins moving toward the sun.
76 Still Valley James Sheldon Rod Serling November 24, 1961 4808
During the Civil War, a Confederate scout enters a town to find Yankee soldiers frozen in place.
77 The Jungle William F. Claxton Charles Beaumont December 1, 1961 4806
An engineer building a dam in Africa is cursed by Indigenous peoples|natives who object to his plans.
78 Once Upon a Time Norman Z. McLeod Richard Matheson December 15, 1961 4820
A janitor travels from 1890 to 1962, courtesy of a time helmet.
79 Five Characters in Search of an Exit Lamont Johnson Rod Serling December 22, 1961 4805
An Army major , a clown, a hobo, a ballerina and a bagpiper find themselves in a cylinder with no memory of how they got there.
80 A Quality of Mercy Buzz Kulik Rod Serling December 29, 1961 4809
During World War II, a U.S. lieutenant gets a unique opportunity to see the conflict from the Japanese point of view.
81 Nothing in the Dark Lamont Johnson George Clayton Johnson January 5, 1962 3652
An elderly recluse facing imminent eviction refuses to allow anyone into her apartment, fearing that any visitor might be Death incarnate; her resolve is tested when a young police officer is seriously wounded outside her door.
82 One More Pallbearer Lamont Johnson Rod Serling January 12, 1962 4823
Staging a fake nuclear war, a millionaire offers shelter to three people he believes wronged him in the past if they will only beg his forgiveness.
83 Dead Man's Shoes Montgomery Pittman Charles Beaumont January 19, 1962 4824
A homeless man literally walks into another life when he steals the shoes from a corpse.
84 The Hunt Harold Schuster Earl Hamner, Jr. January 26, 1962 4810
A mountain man goes hunting for raccoons with his dog. When he returns, he comes to realize that something is much changed.
85 Showdown with Rance McGrew Christian Nyby Rod Serling February 2, 1962 4812
The egotistic star of a western TV series comes face to face with the real Jesse James.
86 Kick the Can Lamont Johnson George Clayton Johnson February 9, 1962 4821
The dispirited residents of a nursing home are urged by one of their number to believe that they can recapture their youth by playing a children's game.
87 A Piano in the House David Greene Earl Hamner, Jr. February 16, 1962 4825
A cynical theater critic takes advantage of a player piano that reveals people's hidden selves.
88 The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank Montgomery Pittman Montgomery Pittman February 23, 1962 4811
When a "dead" mansits up in the coffin at his funeral during the mid-1920s, the townsfolk become suspicious whether it's really him, especially when he doesn't behave the way he used to.
89 To Serve Man Richard L. Bare Rod Serling March 2, 1962 4807
Representatives of a 9 ft. tall Extraterrestrial life|alien race come to Earth and offer mankind cures for all earthly ills.
90 The Fugitive Richard L. Bare Charles Beaumont March 9, 1962 4816
A fugitive from another world befriends a handicapped girl.
91 Little Girl Lost Paul Stewart Richard Matheson March 16, 1962 4828
When a little girl disappears from her bedroom without a trace, her parents call their physicist friend to help investigate her disappearance.
92 Person or Persons Unknown John Brahm Charles Beaumont March 23, 1962 4829
A man discovers that all traces of his identity have been erased when no one, including his own wife, recognizes him.
93 The Little People William F. Claxton Rod Serling March 30, 1962 4822
When two astronauts land on a distant planet, one of them becomes a "God" to a race of tiny people.
94 Four O'Clock Lamont Johnson Rod Serling April 6, 1962 4832
A fanatical one-man moral crusader decides to shrink those he deems evil to a height of two feet at four o'clock.
95 Hocus-Pocus and Frisby Lamont Johnson Rod Serling April 13, 1962 4833
A teller of tall tales attracts unwanted attention from aliens.
96 The Trade-Ins Elliot Silverstein Rod Serling April 20, 1962 4831
An elderly couple want new young bodies for the two of them, but can pay for only one.
97 The Gift Allen H. Miner Rod Serling April 27, 1962 4830
A visitor from outer space tries to present a gift to a Mexican village that greets him only with suspicion.
98 The Dummy Abner Biberman Rod Serling May 4, 1962 4834
A ventriloquist believes his dummy is alive ... and is beginning to take over not just the act.
99 Young Man's Fancy John Brahm Richard Matheson May 11, 1962 4813
A newlywed husband refuses to give up his childhood home.
100 I Sing the Body Electric William F. Claxton
and James Sheldon
Ray Bradbury May 18, 1962 4826
A widower buys a robot grandmother to care for his children.
101 Cavender is Coming Christian Nyby Rod Serling May 25, 1962 4827
A clumsy theater worker meets her equally bumbling guardian angel.
102 The Changing of the Guard Robert Ellis Miller Rod Serling June 1, 1962 4835
A professor who is forced into retirement contemplates suicide, but changes his mind when the ghosts of his former students that were killed in the war persuade him of his worth.

Season 4

Episode # and segment Title Director Writer(s) Original AirDate Production Code
103 In His Image Perry Lafferty Charles Beaumont January 3, 1963 4851
A man is confused by a murderous impulse and a loss of his memory.
104 The Thirty-Fathom Grave Perry Lafferty Rod Serling January 10, 1963 4857
A strange tapping sound draws a ship to the site of a sunken World War II submarine.
105 Valley of the Shadow Perry Lafferty Charles Beaumont January 17, 1963 4861
A newspaper reporter discovers a small town with incredibly advanced technology that they wish to keep secret.
106 He's Alive Stuart Rosenberg Rod Serling January 24, 1963 4856
The struggling leader of a small group of Neo-Nazis receives advice from a mysterious stranger about gaining followers.
107 Mute Stuart Rosenberg Richard Matheson January 31, 1963 4858
A mute telepathic girl is the sole survivor of a fire that kills her parents.
108 Death Ship Don Medford Richard Matheson February 7, 1963 4850
Three astronauts discover exact duplicates of their spaceship and themselves on a distant planet.
109 Jess-Belle Buzz Kulik Earl Hamner, Jr. February 14, 1963 4855
A mountain girl enlists a witch to help her win back her lover.
110 Miniature Walter Grauman Charles Beaumont February 21, 1963 4862
A timid clerk sees the figurines of a museum's 19th-century miniature dollhouse come to life.
111 Printer's Devil Ralph Senensky Charles Beaumont February 28, 1963 4864
A newspaperman saves his failing periodical by hiring the mysterious Mr. Smith, who reports disasters before they happen on his own Linotype machine.
112 No Time Like the Past Justus Addiss Rod Serling March 7, 1963 4853
A scientist goes back in time to try and change history.
113 The Parallel Alan Crosland, Jr. Rod Serling March 14, 1963 4859
An astronaut returns from a space flight to find things much changed during his absence.
114 I Dream of Genie Robert Gist John Furia, Jr. March 21, 1963 4860
An office worker acquires a lamp with a genie who offers him a wish.
115 The New Exhibit John Brahm Charles Beaumont April 4, 1963 4866
A wax museum curator lovingly maintains wax figures of five infamous killers in his basement after the museum discards them. When he loses his job, his enemies are mysteriously murdered.
116 Of Late I Think of Cliffordville David Lowell Rich Rod Serling April 11, 1963 4867
An aging tycoon exchanges his fortune for a trip to the past and a new beginning when he meets the mysterious Miss Devlin.
117 The Incredible World of Horace Ford Abner Biberman Reginald Rose April 18, 1963 4854
A middle-aged toy designer goes back to his childhood when he visits his old neighborhood.
118 On Thursday We Leave for Home Buzz Kulik Rod Serling May 2, 1963 4868
In 2021, a group of space pioneers prepare for a return trip to Earth upon having failed to establish a new society on a distant planet. The group's leader refuses to give up his authority.
119 Passage on the Lady Anne Lamont Johnson Charles Beaumont May 9, 1963 4869
To save their marriage, a couple book a cruise on a ship whose other passengers are elderly.
120 The Bard David Butler Rod Serling May 23, 1963 4852
An aspiring screenwriter conjures up the spirit of William Shakespeare to help him in his television script.

Season 5

Episode # and segment Title Director Writer(s) Original AirDate Production Code
121 In Praise of Pip Joseph M. Newman Rod Serling September 27, 1963 2607
A bookie receives news that his son Pip (Bobby Diamond) has been seriously wounded in combat. He soon gets the chance to not only see his son one last time but also to save him.
122 Steel Don Weis Richard Matheson 1963 2602
In 1974, a boxing promoter tries to get the most out of his broken-down robot boxer.
123 Nightmare at 20,000 Feet Richard Donner Richard Matheson 1963 2605
A salesman recovering from a nervous breakdown sees a Gremlin|creature on the wing of the airplane he is on, but no one believes him.
124 A Kind of a Stopwatch John Rich Rod Serling 1963 2609
A talkative bore acquires a stopwatch that halts time.
125 The Last Night of a Jockey Joseph M. Newman Rod Serling 1963 2616
A disgraced jockey is granted his wish to be "big."
126 Living Doll Richard C. Sarafian Charles Beaumont November 1, 1963 2621
A man finds himself being actually physically threatened by his stepdaughter's new talking doll.
127 The Old Man in the Cave Alan Crosland, Jr. Rod Serling November 8, 1963 2603
In 1974, a former soldier and his band of scavengers cause discord for a community of atomic war survivors who are being guided by an unseen cave dweller.
128 Uncle Simon Don Siegel Rod Serling November 15, 1963 2604
The long-suffering niece of a grumpy inventor finds no peace after his passing.
129 Probe 7, Over and Out Ted Post Rod Serling November 29, 1963 2622
An astronaut crash-lands on a distant planet and learns that his own planet has been destroyed by nuclear war. He soon discovers that he is not alone on this new world when he meets a humanoid alien survivor from a runaway planet.
130 The 7th is Made Up of Phantoms Alan Crosland Jr. Rod Serling December 6, 1963 2606
Three National Guardsmen exploring the site of Custer's Last Stand wind up getting involved in the actual battle.
131 A Short Drink From a Certain Fountain Bernard Girard Rod Serling December 13, 1963 2614
An old man married to a younger self-absorbed woman takes an untested youth serum.
132 Ninety Years Without Slumbering Roger Kay Richard De Roy December 20, 1963 2615
An old man believes he will die the moment his grandfather clock stops ticking.
133 Ring-a-Ding Girl Alan Crosland, Jr. Earl Hamner, Jr. December 27, 1963 2623
A movie star receives a ring from her fan club that draws her back to her home town, where she offers to do a one-woman show to stop plans for a town picnic.
134 You Drive John Brahm Earl Hamner, Jr. January 3, 1964 2625
A hit-and-run driver is haunted by his car after he runs into a paperboy.
135 The Long Morrow Robert Florey Rod Serling January 10, 1964 2624
An astronaut falls in love with a woman before going on a 40-year mission into space.
136 The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross Don Siegel Jerry McNeely January 17, 1964 2612
A suitor discovers he can trade his physical assets for those of others.
137 Number 12 Looks Just Like You Abner Biberman Charles Beaumont and John Tomerlin January 24, 1964 2618
In a future society, a young woman resists having the surgery that her society requires to make everyone beautiful and identical.
138 Black Leather Jackets Joseph M. Newman Earl Hamner, Jr. January 31, 1964 2628
Three motorcycle-riding young men are actually part of an alien invasion force. One of them falls for a local teenage girl.
139 Night Call Jacques Tourneur Richard Matheson 7 February 1964 2610
An old woman keeps receiving frightening phone calls.
140 From Agnes—With Love Richard Donner Bernard C. Schoenfeld February 14, 1964 2629
A computer programmer receives advice on his love life from a computer that is in love with him.
141 Spur of the Moment Elliot Silverstein Richard Matheson February 21, 1964 2608
An engaged woman is terrorized for some unknown reason by a woman in black on horseback.
142 An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge Robert Enrico Robert Enrico February 28, 1964 N/A
A Confederate sympathizer is about to be hanged when the rope breaks, allowing him to escape and return home.
143 Queen of the Nile John Brahm Charles Beaumont March 6, 1964 2626
A columnist discovers the secret behind the apparent eternal youth of a film actress.
144 What's in the Box Richard L. Bare Martin Goldsmith March 13, 1964 2635
After being fixed by a strange TV repairman, an unhappy couple's TV set shows them hurting each other.
145 The Masks Ida Lupino Rod Serling March 20, 1964 2601
At Mardi Gras, a wealthy dying man Robert Keith) orders his daughter and her family to wear masks that show their true selves as part of a requirement to obtain his inheritance.
146 I Am the Night—Color Me Black Abner Biberman Rod Serling March 27, 1964 2630
A man is to be hanged at sunrise. On the appointed day, the sun fails to rise which starts the sheriff and the rest of the civilians wondering why there is only darkness.
147 Sounds and Silences Richard Donner Rod Serling April 3, 1964 2631
A man has an obsession with loud noises which causes his wife to leave him. Then all of the sounds in his life go haywire.
148 Caesar and Me Robert Butler Adele T. Strassfield April 10, 1964 2636
A struggling ventriloquist has a dummy who talks him into a life of crime.
149 The Jeopardy Room Richard Donner Rod Serling April 17, 1964 2639
A political defector is forced into a game of cat-and-mouse with a rather artistic and sadistic hitman.
150 Stopover in a Quiet Town Ron Winston Earl Hamner, Jr. April 24, 1964 2611
A married couple wakes up after drinking too much at a party and find themselves in a strange town devoid of life – except for the distant laughter of a child.
151 The Encounter Robert Butler Martin M. Goldsmith May 1, 1964 2640
A katana sparks a conflict between a World War II veteran and a Japanese-American.
152 Mr. Garrity and the Graves Ted Post Rod Serling May 8, 1964 2637
A strange traveling peddler brings a dog back from the dead and offers to do the same for those in the town cemetery, making the townsfolk of Happiness, Arizona uneasy.
153 The Brain Center at Whipple's Richard Donner Rod Serling May 15, 1964 2632
A factory owner decides to replace his human employees with machines.
154 Come Wander With Me Richard Donner Anthony Wilson May 22, 1964 2641
A professional rockabilly singer looks for an authentic song in the mountains, where he gets in trouble with the locals.
155 The Fear Ted Post Rod Serling May 29, 1964 2633
A state trooper and a secluded woman experience strange incidents after the woman reports seeing lights in the sky.
156 The Bewitchin' Pool Joseph M. Newman Earl Hamner, Jr. June 19, 1964 2619
Two children escape from their bickering parents by way of their swimming pool to a special place where the mysterious Aunt T lives.

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