Evergreen is the 1st episode of the 2002-2003 revival of The Twilight Zone. It premiered on September 18th, 2002.


Meet the Winslows. A family searching for a way to control their troubled teen. How far they're willing to go will take them to a gated community whose address can only be found... in the Twilight Zone.


A rebellious young girl and her family move into a gated neighborhood whose inhabitants place conformity and well to do behavior above all else. As time goes by, she learns to dress and act like all of the other kids in the neighborhood. However, her curiosity still persists and she befriends a young man who, like her, questions the stringent rules the community has set forth for them and indulges in vices such as cigarettes and liquor. One night she sees him being put into a van and taken away by the neighborhood patrols. As time goes by, she soon discovers that children who go against the teachings of the neighborhood are taken to a factory where they are turned into fertilizer, and do indeed become evergreen. Eventually, the neighborhood council deems Jenna to be a threat to the neighborhood, and she is taken to the plant to become evergreen herself.

Closing Narration

The Winslows have regained control of their family, but it cost them one teenage daughter. A deal that can only be made... in the Twilight Zone.

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