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Cayuga Productions was the name of Rod Serling's production company during the years The Twilight Zone was being produced. The name was taken from Cayuga Lake, one of New York's "finger lakes." The lake is about an hour drive northwest of Binghamton, and was where Rod and his family had a summer home.[1]

The Cayuga Productions offices were operated through and located at MGM Studios. The production company produced the entire run of The Twilight Zone, but was essentially dissolved after the series came to an end after the fifth season. However, the company did retain its 50% interest in The Twilight Zone.[2]

Rod Serling later sold his interest in The Twilight Zone to CBS for a small sum, possibly considering it would never be more profitable.[2]

Interlaken Productions

Interlaken Productions was created to replace the dissolved Cayuga Productions in order to produce Mr. Serling's next television enterprise, The Loner. Interlaken was the town in New York where The Serlings had their summer home, near Cayuga Lake, and so it seemed an obvious alternative namesake.[3]

Interlaken Productions' only output was The Loner series, much as Cayuga Productions with The Twilight Zone.

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