An automobile or car was a motorized vehicle used by humans on Earth that was driven by an engine, typically operating with four wheels and a steering column and constructed primarily to transport passengers.

Early history

In the pioneer years of motoring, most roads were not paved. With most early automobiles being open, much like carriages, it was necessary to have linen "dusters" to keep passengers' clothes from being ruined by dirt kicked up from the road. The drivers often opted to wear goggles to keep the unsettled dust from blinding them. (TZGKEY: 06: "Pioneer Motorists")

An early automobile

Another rarity was an automotive garage. In preparation for any needed repairs, motorists instead equipped their car with a set of tools which could be conveniently stored in the built-in toolbox located on the running board. The most common tools carried were wrenches, crowbars and a blowtorch. The tools often came in handy, as early automobiles were not built for durability. They frequently became stuck in mud, had engines stalled by rain, and had thin rubber tires easily punctured by broken glass or nails. Motorists patched their tires and pumped them up by hand, while those stuck in deep mud were forced to rely on older technology: a farmer and a horse-drawn plow! Passing travelers were known to have shouted taunts of "Get a horse!" (TZGKEY: 06: "Pioneer Motorists")

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