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{{Infobox Episode
|Episode Title    = <!--Title of the episode-->
|Image File       = <!--Name of the associated image file-->
|Series           = <!--Series name (TZ1, TZ2, etc.)-->
|Episode          = <!--Season produced, Series episode number (Season episode #) -->
|Production Code  = <!--Production code for the episode-->
|Produced         = <!--Date the episode was produced-->
|First Aired      = <!--Date the episode orignally aired-->
|Teleplay         = <!--Name of the writer(s) of the teleplay/screenplay-->
|Story            = <!--Name of the writer(s) of the original story-->
|Director         = <!--Name of the episode's director(s)-->
|Music            = <!--Name of the episode's composer/conductor-->
|Guest Stars      = <!--Names of the main guest stars-->
|Lead Character   = <!--Name(s) of the main character in the episode-->
|Previous Episode = <!--Previous chronological episode name (by airdate)-->
|Next Episode     = <!--Next chronological episode name (by airdate)-->
'''"<!--(FILL IN)-->"''' is an episode of the [[The Twilight Zone (Original Series)]].<!--replace "Original" with appropriate series, if necessary-->

<!--(FILL IN: short introduction/teaser to the episode, try to avoid spoilers in this section)-->

==Episode Details==
===Title Sequence===

<!--(FILL IN: title version, opening introduction, etc.)-->

===Opening Narration===

<blockquote>"<!--(FILL IN)-->"</blockquote>

===Episode Summary===

<!--(FILL IN: detailed summary of plot, events in the episode, etc. ____spoilers are okay here____ )-->

===Closing Narration===

<blockquote>"<!--(FILL IN)-->"</blockquote>

===Preview for Next Week's Story===

<blockquote>"<!--(FILL IN)-->"</blockquote>

==Response and Analysis==

<!--miscellaneous info can go here if needed-->


<!--(FILL IN: any awards the episode may have won, was nominated for, etc.)-->

===Critical Response===

<!--(FILL IN: critcal reviews, comments from peers, etc.)-->


<!--(FILL IN: summary/analysis of dominant themes discussed in the episode, intended focus, etc.)-->


<!--(FILL IN: list of terms related to the main themes of the episode, characters, etc.)-->


<!--(FILL IN: prior cultural works that may have had an influence on the episode: books, films, etc.)-->


<!--(FILL IN: any cultural, social, political, etc. influence or effects the episode had)-->

===Notes and Annotations===

<!--(FILL IN: notes on episode's context, historical and cultural references, name origins, settings info, real world proxies, etc.)-->

==Technical Information==

<!--miscellaneous info can go here if needed-->


<!--(FILL IN: names of actors, actresses, etc.)-->


<!--(FILL IN: names of behind the camera crew, directors, writers, producers, composers, etc.)-->


<!--(FILL IN: background information on music compositions, composers, availability, and use, etc.)-->

===Production Companies===

<!--(FILL IN: names of production companies involved, etc.)-->


<!--(FILL IN: names of distributors of episodes, videos, etc.)-->

===Other Companies===

<!--(FILL IN: if applicable--names of advertising companies, animation companies, etc.)-->

===Technical Specs===

<!--(FILL IN: type of film, film format, etc.)-->


<!--(FILL IN: miscellaneous information about production, actors, writers, etc.)--> 

===Cast Connections===

<!--(FILL IN: connections the episode's cast has to other TZ alums, TZ productions, TZ appearances, etc.)-->

===Crew Connections===

<!--(FILL IN: connections the episode's cast has to other TZ productions, TZ alums, etc.)-->

===Errors and Goofs===

<!--(FILL IN: editing errors, dialogue errors, anachronisms, bloopers, etc.)-->

===Memorable Quotes===

<!--quotes go on their own page-->
{{main|List of memorable quotes from the first series}}<!--replace "first" with appropriate series, if necessary-->

==See also==

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==Notes and References==



<!--(FILL IN: list general references here by bullet list, footnotes above in "Notes")-->

==External Links==

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