This page is a list of prefixes used to create interwiki links in articles in A Fifth Dimension.

Interwiki prefixes enable us to conveniently produce external links to sister projects, such as Wikipedia, Wiktionary or Wikia. Such external links are often used to help "fill in the gaps" that may be left in information contributed to our wiki. For instance, when wanting to provide the definition of a word that does not deserve a full encyclopedic article in A Fifth Dimension, you may just create a link to the word's entry on Wiktionary. It also helps to speed up adding external links and references involving such projects.

Using interwiki prefixes

These can be used according to the following format:

[[<interwiki prefix>:<page name>|<piped link>]]

For example:

[[Wikipedia:The Twilight Zone|The Twilight Zone]]

will produce:

The Twilight Zone

Common interwiki prefixes

Commonly Used External Wikis
Prefix Info URL
Acronym Acronym finder$1
Dictionary Online dictionary*&Form=Dict1&Strategy=*&Query=$1
Google Serach engine$1
GoogleGroups Community groups$1
IMDb Internet Movie Database$1
MetaWikiPedia (or m) Community for wiki projects$1
MediaWikiWiki (or mw) Free software wiki$1
TVtropes TV theme analysis$1
Wikia (or w) Wiki host site$1
Wikibooks Free library wiki$1
Wikipedia Online encyclopedia$1
Wikiquote Quotations wiki$1
Wikispecies Biological encyclopedia$1
Wiktionary Language and vocabulary wiki$1

Similar projects interwiki prefixes

Similarly Themed External Wikis
Prefix Info URL
MemoryAlpha Memory Alpha, The Star Trek Wiki$1
TARDIS TARDIS:Index File, The Doctor Who Wiki$1
Wookieepedia Wookieepedia, The Star Wars Wiki$1

More interwiki prefixes

Our hosting company, Wikia, features a complete list of interwiki links to all other wikis hosted on Wikia.

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