Just as the narrators were our guide through the Twilight Zone, the "apprentice narrators" act as guides through the Twilight Zone Wiki.

The Apprentice narrators or apprentices or AN's are those The Twilight Zone fans who have registered at A Fifth Dimension and contributed articles to the wiki. Whether you are already a contributor to the wiki or can't wait to get started, if you have yet to sign your name to list, please sign in below. This will help to introduce yourself to the community of contributors and start your journey toward becoming a full-time narrator, just like Rod!

Why become an apprentice?

This page serves several important purposes. The list provides beginner editors that have not been able to find any answers in the help or guidelines and policies pages an excellent resource by listing experienced contributors that will be happy to help answer any questions. This is also a great meeting place for regular contributors to recruit fellow apprentices to assist them in undertaking user projects. Finally, it can function as a list of likely candidates to be nominated for administratorship, although being listed here isn't the only criterion.

So, why not be a contributor and join the community? Don't forget about our forum, either!

List of Apprentice Narrators
Name Home town Province/State, Country

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  • The third parameter, for your home town, (if you have opted to list it) may appear as a red link if Wikipedia does not have an article for it. Don't worry about that and list it anyhow.

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